Having broke my back at 18 I had a steep learning curve when it came to managing my own health & wellness both physically and mentally. Spending 6 months having to learn to walk again, it was an incredibly testing time for me when I had led a very active lifestyle beforehand.

From that point on and having the humbling realisation that we are not invincible, I made the conscious decision to take the lead in terms of looking after my mind & body. Given the somewhat weakness in my lower back, I put procedures in place for managing the stiffness and pain with regular tailored exercise. However, I often found I was still struggling to manage the sciatica/inflammation in my back and was always in search of alternative remedies to traditional pain killers and constant heat pads.

At this time, I was struggling a great deal physically and was in a high paced stressful occupation in the city that also challenged my mental health consistently. I was suggested to try CBD Oil to help ease the physical pain and settle my mind back to neutral. The very next day, my sciatica had gone and I felt a true sense of calm and what it was to be myself again. I was sold.

Having been new to CBD, I took a real interest in the potential benefits and spent the next 12 months educating myself on all things CBD. At the end of my research period, it was clear that I had come across a product that was far more aligned with my lifestyle and perspective and so, HYTN was born.

Kane Wise - Founder