Most diffusers use heat and water to disperse essential oils into the air. The problem with this is that heat destroys the therapeutic benefits of essential oils whilst the water and oils are opposing compounds that don't mix to begin with. 

HYTN nebulizer diffuser works completely different because it doesn't use heat or water, but only essential oils. Our patented wireless diffuser uses nanotechnology to nebulize essential oils. It does this by taking in cold air to compress the oil molecules into a dry mist of nano particles. 

Cold compressed air, long lasting energy. This allows the oils to spread across a large area without losing any scent, thus maximising the health benefits. After the oil molecules are processed into nanoparticles (particles that are ultra-lightweight) they stay in the air much longer than traditional diffusers, allowing you to absorb more of the therapeutic benefits for longer. 

This is why most diffusers leave a film or oil residue around them after a while, which is proof that most oil particles diffused with traditional diffusers are falling down on furniture and floors and therefore only provide a nice aroma for a short while but none of the health benefits you expect.